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The Project Management Homepage
for Universities and Sciences

GPM InfoCenter is the scientific platform of GPM Deutsche Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement (German Project Management Society) on any kind of information on project management. If you are working on a seminar paper, on a written work as part of your examination, or on a dissertation thesis, or if you work on a research project in a project management context, you are at the right place. Extensive links connect the GPM InfoCenter to relevant topical fields in the Internet, for example PM Organizations, PM Research and Academic Programs on project management.

This homepage is meant to support scientists and students with their work. It also addresses project leaders and project managers in the fields of business and administration who are interested in this subject as well as everybody professionally working on project management.

Google PM Search

By help of the specially set up “Google PM Search” machine it is possible to carry out particular research. This function uses Google technology and offers convenient search possibilities with qualified German and international specialist journals, university servers, and homepages of associations. By way of a simple mouse click you may search results according to type of document, date, and origin. This way the laborious searching of extensive list of results becomes much more effective and faster. Just give it a try.

Constant Improvement and Updates

This homepage is organized in such a way that its contents may constantly be completed by users. By way of comment fields every user may contribute further links or remarks on each page. The webmaster will continously include this and will thus make sure that information is updated and extensive. Join us and write a comment on our feedback page.

If you should have any ideas on GPM InfoCenter or if you should discover a mistake please write a comment on our feedback page or send an e-mail to our web master .
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